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10 June 2010 @ 10:23 pm
Shoutout to all my fellow "Heroes" fans...  

Even though I have numerous fan projects on my plate (probably too many, honestly), there's one ambitious one that keeps popping in my thoughts over and over, and I'd really like to start planning it. So I have a question, if anyone would like to give some input:

What would you consider to be some of the most important Petrelli brothers moments in the entire run of Heroes? I know I'm a Petrellicest vidder/writer but it doesn't have to be anything necessarily slashy; I want the moments when they're fighting as much as the moments when they're loving. Any episodes, quotes (especially quotes), etc would be greatly appreciated, if you're in the mood to list a few. :)

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sarah: [heroes] found my placenitro26 on June 11th, 2010 07:11 am (UTC)
Weeee! this is fun. :D Okay, here goes:

- "I don't know who I am without you." (yes, I'm a little hung up on that line, why do you ask? :p)
- Both kisses in Godsend and Six Months Ago (the way he looked at Peter before the last one. Oh, Nathan. <3)
- How Peter just collapses into Nathan after the first time he confonted him about flying on the roof.
- The Shadowboxing hug. Actually, forget that: ALL THE HUGS. There's so much love packed into those and I always love how Nathan closes. his. eyes. Awwwww <3333
- Both Peter and Nathan grieving after the other is dead (this has happened a few times through all the seasons. I wasn't taking about any one specific time really.)
- The last rooftop scene. "You can do anything / I can't do this without you / you gotta carry on for the both of us/ I love you." ;_;

I had a whole document with Peter and Nathan quotes but now I can't seem to find it. D: I'll let you know if I do. There were quite a lot of goodies in there. Hope those ones up there were helpful! :)
aidennestorm: nathan/peter kiss in the rainaidennestorm on June 11th, 2010 10:47 am (UTC)
Man, you picked out pretty much all my favorite fluffy/sweet moments. <3 They're most definitely helpful, so thank you so much! :D

(P.S. I'm not sure what time it is where you live, but here it's already the next day here. So happy birthday!! ^-^ )
sarah: [spn] let it rocknitro26 on June 11th, 2010 10:52 am (UTC)
Aww, yay. No problem, it was fun. :D

And thank you so much, hun! *hugs* :)
Sakura: shut up and kiss mehsakura_no_mi on June 11th, 2010 07:40 am (UTC)
Oooh! Secret ninja project? I'm intrigued! Okay so since nitro26 got all the nice moments, I'll pick some of the ah, more questionable ones? :D (Sorry, I don't have the exact episodes these are from though)

Nathan: Why'd you save me? Why'd you do it?
Peter: Because you're my brother, and I love you.
Nathan: That's not what I would've done.

Sylar!Nathan: We never should've gone to Texas, Pete.

Nathan: I'd like to talk to you about some ideas. I'd like your input, your... advice.
Peter: Advice? What advice could I possibly give you besides 'Kiss my ass, Nathan'?

Nathan: I can only imagine how you feel about me after... disowning you the way I did. It was selfish, arrogant... obsessive.
Peter: Those are your better qualities, Nathan.

Peter: I was with that girl, and that guy that was trying to kill that girl, and this, this cop... I, I think he was reading my mind. They were all like us.
Nathan: Dysfunctional?

Nathan: I'm sorry. But, you're gonna have to go, okay?
Peter: Hey, you know what? I'm just gonna go fly off the terrace. Yeah. No? Hey, I can fly. Nathan, so can you. Tell you what. Why don't we just race around the Statue of Liberty real quick. Huh? Get this tweedy guy something to write about.

Peter: This painting is the key. Alright? With this thing we can make a difference.
Nathan: I'm trying to make a difference Peter. The best way I know how. Flying around, how is that gonna help anybody? What is it gonna- I can't- what am I gonna- What am I gonna do when I get there? I don't have a gun, I don't have a badge, I don't - I don't know karate. I guess I could put on a costume and-and fly around and pull cats out of trees. How's that gonna make a difference?

Peter: You son of a bitch!
Nathan: Easy, Pete. That's our mother you're talking about.
aidennestormaidennestorm on June 11th, 2010 10:53 am (UTC)
LOL, kind of. ;) And I actually recognize most of these, which means I probably already have those episodes downloaded onto my computer. :D

Sylar!Nathan: We never should've gone to Texas, Pete.

Ngl, I definitely flailed at this one, because I completely forgot about it. Oh, boys... ;_;
aidennestormaidennestorm on June 11th, 2010 10:56 am (UTC)
Oh, wow-- it would help if I said thanks. >.< (It's kind of early here, so I'm not at peak operating efficiency yet.) So yeah, thank you! :D I probably would have missed these just because I know they're episodes I barely watch.
Sakura: high priced call boysakura_no_mi on June 11th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
Oh haha, no problem. I thought of one more scene that I absolutely loved -- in the jungle in Haiti "The Eclipse". I read a hilarious article about how Adrian & Milo tried to get themselves psyched up for the scene by hitting each other on the back of the neck (um, yeah guys are weird). And there's a picture floating around somewhere of Adrian's neck with a red Milo-shaped handprint on it for proof. LOL.

Peter: I don't need your pity.
Nathan: No, but you know what you do need? My help. I've been saving your ass my entire life.
Peter: Is that so?
Nathan: That's right. When you jumped off that roof like a moron? Who caught you? Who pulled you out of Kirby Plaza when you were about to blow up? You want my respect? You want my approval? Earn it!
Peter: Why would I want your respect?! You're a puppet!
Nathan: Excuse me?
Peter: You have no spine.
Nathan: I'm a U.S. senator, you're a nurse.
Peter: No, you're everything Dad ever wanted you to be, his dreams, his goals. He'd always find a way to get under your skin and manipulate you, use you!
Nathan: Where's this coming from?
Peter: In the future, you choose him... you choose Dad, Nathan.
Nathan: Well, I'm here right now, Pete... and I'm trying to stop him. Want to help me?
aidennestormaidennestorm on June 12th, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC)
I read that article! :D My reaction was switching between something like "aww you guys are so cute" and "LOL you guys are ridiculous". XD

... you choose Dad, Nathan.

Man, the sheer betrayal implied in those words... ;_; It always fascinates me that no matter how much I've read about a certain scene or watched it, there's always something more that jumps out upon more exposure. I think I need to rewatch this scene too.
chibiariane: Milo & Adrian - *kehehee*chibiariane on June 11th, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
A lot of my favourite moments were already posted but I try my best to think of other ones... :D And most of the quotes I only know in german so the translation could be a little bit different than the original dialogue.
Here you go:
Season 1
-finale ("I'm not leaving you, Peter. There's another way to end it and you know it." - "I can't let you die." - "And I can't let everyone else. You saved the cheerleader so we could save the world." - "I love you, Nathan." - "I love you, too. You ready?")
-the scene after Simone's death when Peter suddenly appears in Nathan's office, full of tears <3
-when Nathan visits Peter and is obviously jealous seeing Simone in his apartment lol
-Peter's homeparty (Nathan hugging and kissing him, then dancing with Heidi and glancing over at Peter :D)

Season 2
-Nathan collecting old pictures of Peter, then slamming his fist into the mirror (and I just love the fact that he's living in Peter's apartment XD)
-Adam trying to get Peter's memory back ("Try to remember the person you loved most." - "...Nathan!")
-the reunion hug ("What?" - "I... I just really missed you." - "I missed you, too.")
Season 3 (I have no DVD of season 3 yet so I have to translate the german dialogue :D)
-in episode 1 or 2, Future!Peter confronting Nathan with the fact that he shot him ("I don't know what to say. I just can't trust you yet." - "I understand, Nathan. But let me tell you: You're the brother I always loved. I always admired. That'll never change. So please don't you ever change.")
-the church scene :D
-when Peter was naked and strapped down in the future and President!Nathan talked to him :D (I remember seeing the ad for this episode on TV and it was cut so fast that you could only see Nathan standing in front of a naked Peter and my best friend and I were like "OHMYGOD, SQUEEEEE!" :D)-the episodes when they were in Haiti (especially "You're not worthless without your abilities, Peter!" - "But I'll feel worthless if I can't go with you. Please, Nathan... *puppyeyes*" - "*sigh* Fine." *peter smiles* :D)..ohhh and "I'm sorry, Peter. I didn't mean to be so rude. In fact, I admire you for doing what you think is right. It's just hard to admit that." - "Thank you, Nathan. That means a lot to me."
-Tracy and Peter talking about Nathan ("I know your brother way more intimate than you could ever do." - "Because you slept with him? Haha. You have no idea. If you think so..." I lol'd so hard :D)
-Tracy blackmailing Nathan ("I have something you would like to have unscathed, I guess." - "What could you possibly have I care about?" - "Your brother." "... ... alright, when do you want to meet me?")-Nathan saving Peter from Danko, Peter sobbing because he got shot :D plus Peter hugging Nathan to get his ability (I love the face rub <33)-Peter and Nathan in Coyote Sands, talking about the baseball games :D (was it even baseball? lol)
-"I love you, Pete, you know that?" - "Of course. I love you, too." (*cries*)
Season 4
-Nathan always trying to call Peter, leaving desperate messages on his mailbox D:
-the hospital scene in "Brothers Keeper", Nathan carrying the unconscious Peter and flying out of the window with him :D
-The Fifth Stage, Upon This Rock, Let It Bleed (*crying furiously now*)
aidennestormaidennestorm on June 11th, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
Future!Peter confronting Nathan with the fact that he shot him ("I don't know what to say. I just can't trust you yet." - "I understand, Nathan. But let me tell you: You're the brother I always loved. I always admired. That'll never change. So please don't you ever change.")

I don't remember this! O.o I mean, I definitely believe you that it's there, but I just can't believe I missed it! (Then again, I avoid volume 3 like the plague, to be completely honest.)

And the Tracy/Peter and Tracy/Nathan conversations... mmmmm. <33 Aww, I didn't mean to make you cry... >.> *hugs*

I probably would have skipped several of these, so thank you!! :D I guess a Heroes rewatch is probably in order, especially since I need one or two episodes specifically for my kink bingo line. :D